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About WPO SA

We are the WPO

Welcome to the organization where dynamic and diverse women business leaders around the world tap into collective insight to experience game-changing breakthroughs. Where your perspective can be understood, challenged, and refined.
Where you can validate everything that’s gotten you this far and cultivate new strategies that’ll take you even farther. Welcome to the WPO.

South African Chapters
Est. in Cape Town in 2009

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Why join WPO in South Africa?

To gain and share experience and knowledge from other women business owners and leaders who have similar and different challenges. To problem solve business challenges. To address holistically the needs of women business owners. To share the room with other business leaders in the community.

10 primary objectives of why current members have joined and why they participate:

  • To grow their business and build their financial success.
  • To develop innovative solutions to their business challenges through discussions held in a confidential environment.
  • To continue their education in business and leadership.
  • To increase their awareness of women’s issues and opportunities.
  • To be part of a forum where women owned business can identify strategic contacts.
  • To increase their visibility on the local, national, and international levels.
  • For access to business resources including monthly newsletters, webcasts, a website and blog, media referrals, a membership directory and an Annual Conference.
  • To advance the influence of women in the business and financial community.
  • To reenergize and revitalise, leading them to a more productive balance in work and life.
  • To celebrate the success of women business owners.
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The WPO at a Glance

The WPO is an environment where women business leaders access the very thing we find missing no matter how much we’ve achieved: the understanding, support, and counsel of entrepreneurial equals. We have made it our mission to assemble that peer group because we’ve witnessed—for a quarter of a century—how big an impact it can make in the lives of our members.
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Screenshot 2022-10-17 at 19.28.38.png

Chapters in South Africa

In monthly chapter meetings around the world, WPO members forge meaningful relationships with peers who spark insights, drive solutions, and celebrate one another’s successes. Every chapter is facilitated by a professionally-trained chapter chair.
Cape Town I is a Monthly Chapter which meets 12 times per year. Chaired by Anni Wilhemi.
Cape Town II is a Monthly Chapter which meets 12 times per year. Chaired by Anni Wilhelmi.
Johannesburg I is a Monthly Chapter which meets 12 times per year. Chaired by Anni Wilhelmi.
Johannesburg II is a Monthly Chapter which meets 12 times per year. Chaired by Judy Sunasky.
Johannesburg III is a Monthly Chapter which meets 12 times per year. Chaired by Judy Sunasky.
Platinum VII meets three times annually for a two day workshop. Chaired by Anni Wilhelmi.
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Chapter Chair: Anni Wilhelmi

Anni leads leaders. She mentors and guides business owners, management teams and peer advisory platforms to be more effective leaders. She teaches them to how to think strategically to resolve their challenges and maximize their opportunities and operational efficiency. The results are better decisions and more accountability which in turn create better results. 12 years of leading Women President Organisation chapters within South Africa, which she launched in 2009, have honed strong facilitation skills. In 2014 Anni founded The Crossing Business Advisory, a consultancy focused on strategic business planning which has successfully guided a diverse range of businesses and organisations, both private and public, through effective strategy, planning and difficult situations.
Anni’s natural strengths are connecting with people and challenging leaders to be better leaders. Using the collective genius in a peer to peer platform has proven to be a sound formula and her personal experiences provide a solid foundation to facilitate diverse, solution driven thinking.
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Chapter Chair: Judy Sunasky

Johannesburg business owner Judy Sunasky believes that being ready for inevitable change can make all the difference in achieving success.
Judy is a motivated, forward-thinking and an intelligent Managing Director and Owner of Blendwell Chemicals, a manufacturer of an extensive range of high quality cleaning chemicals, who has extensive knowledge in her field. A broad-minded leader with exceptional workflow skills, and ingenuity.
Members meet in a safe, energizing, professionally-facilitated environment with their non-competitive entrepreneurial peers. Here, they are free to address financial concerns, organizational development, hiring and firing, and other commonly shared issues. Members are quick to offer perspective or extend a confident hand to help each other grow their business, achieve their goals, and experience game–changing breakthroughs.

Strength in Vulnerability

- Nyamezela Group
   Johannesburg I Chapter member

Top 10 Reasons to join a WPO Chapter in South Africa:


Confidential forums moderated by professionals, trained by WPO, enhance membership leadership skills.


Global interface of 2000 successful, high-growth women business owners.


Wide spectrum of member businesses offer diverse and confidential input to address myriad business challenges.


Chapter member enterprises exceed $2 million in annual revenue, specialty tiers include Platinum - at least $10 million in annual revenue - and Zenith - at least $50 million in annual revenue.


Precious ability to tap into wisdom of peers in noncompetitive industries offers support, empowerment and inspiration.


Dynamic group of diverse industry experts whose contributions defer cost of membership.


Members generate $24 billion in total revenue worldwide and employ 153,000 people.


Reach top 3% of all women business owners, 75% of whom pay themselves six-figures+ incomes.


Build awareness on local, national and international levels about powerful influence of women-owned/lead business.


77% of WPO members do business with each other

- By den Weg Foods SA
   Johannesburg I Chapter member

Take the Next Step

As part of our diverse and experienced global membership, you can explore options, weigh alternatives, and gather perspectives. Through connection and shared wisdom, your needs as a business leader are addressed and your whole person is recognized.

Get Access. Find Inspiration. Make an Impact.

We are always looking for women business leaders like us who combine big ideas and bold visions with the determination to see them through. Come see what you can achieve next.
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- Musgrave Consulting  |  Cape Town II Chapter member
- Afri - Centric Luxury Experiences  |  Cape Town I Chapter member
- Kevjar Business / Cape Wellness Spas  |  Cape Town I Chapter member

Our Founder

Dr. Marsha Firestone founded the WPO in 1997 after previously serving as Vice President of Women Inc. and as Vice President of Training and Counseling at the American Woman’s Economic Development Corporation (AWED). In 2003, she was appointed to the National Women's Business Council.

She is the author of The Busy Woman’s Guide to Successful Self-Employment, has published research in business and educational journals, and is a frequent guest speaker.

Dr. Firestone earned her PhD in communication from Columbia University and is an expert in adult learning theory, nonverbal communication, and managerial competency.
Conference: The WPO Annual Conference is held for 2 ½ days each Spring. It is our capstone event and opportunity for all Members and Chapter Chairs to come together to share strategies and learnings for business growth. The conference features world class keynote speakers, in addition to engaging break- out sessions addressing timely topics. One morning is dedicated to Chapter Chair training which provides an opportunity to work on facilitation skills, education 

Organization-Wide Activities
& Services

- Citadel Investment Services
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on a business-relevant topic of interest to their members, educational opportunities to use with their chapters, and time to engage in roundtable discussions.

Member Portal: An online tool to facilitate information sharing, peer to peer engagement, access to contacts and resources and up to date information for Members and Chapter Chairs. It is also a content hub including blog posts, articles, and reports. This is a single point of reference for all WPO information.

Webinars: Topics of interest to members are broadcast periodically from Headquarters.

Newsletters: Monthly newsletter updates with chapter, member, and sponsor updates.
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