Reaching farther. Together.

The WPO is a non-profit membership organisation for women presidents, CEOs, and managing directors of privately held, multimillion-dollar companies.

About WPO South Africa

Reaching farther. Together.

Reaching farther. Together.

Est. in Cape Town in 2009

The Women Presidents’ Organisation (WPO) is the global and premium peer advisory organisation for women presidents, chairman, CEO’s, managing directors, partners and owners of privately owned companies with mature revenues. WPO extends over 85 cities across the world with 140 chapters serving 2000 members.


Founded by Dr Marsha Firestone, an expert in adult leadership, non-verbal communication and managerial competency.


WPO has a 21 year track record of success and has strategic alliances with over 50 Fortune 100 companies and world-renowned organisations. Members are supported by a wide network of industry experts and the organisation is sponsored by global giants including Microsoft, PwC, IBM, Walmart, EY, American Express and American Airlines, amongst others.


A WPO membership is a valuable privilege and a notable acknowledgment of recognition as a woman business leader in the community. The organisation is dedicated to developing the best, most innovative solutions to business challenges using collaborative and creative problem solving processes.


WPO Chapters in SA

Through confidential and collaborative peer advisory forums known as chapters, the WPO accelerates business growth, supports sustainability, enhances competitiveness and promotes economic security.

Membership options

2 monthly chapters in Cape Town who meet 12 times per year.

2 monthly chapters in Johannesburg who meet 12 times per year.

Platinum chapter which meet three times annually for a two day workshop.

Alumina membership for past members: two annual meetings, retreat,  conference and yearend workshop.


News & Insights

Types of membership and fees

Chapter Member:

Women who qualify (annual turnover criteria: $2 million; $1 million if service based).



Women who meet the same WPO membership criteria, but live in a region where there is no WPO chapter or cannot attend chapter meetings.


Platinum Group:

For existing WPO chapter members (or members at large) with annual turnover of $10 million and above.


Zenith Group:

For existing WPO chapter members (or members at large) with annual turnover of $50 million and above.


Alumna Member:

Have had chapter membership status for at least three consecutive years and have retired or sold their business, or received special authorization from Headquarters.


Professional Membership:

There are two positions available in each Chapter for professionals, namely an accountant and a lawyer. Each must qualify under the following guidelines: she must be a Partner in her practice and have senior management responsibility with a budget that meets WPO criteria. Other professionals, such as doctors or dentists, who meet the same criteria, are also welcome.


What is the membership fee?

The fee is $2,000 per year for WPO chapter enrolment, $900 per year for WPO members-at-large, and $900 for Alumna members. In addition to membership dues as either a Chapter Member or Member-at-Large, Platinum Members pay an additional $4,500 fee and Zenith Members an additional $5,000.


How is the fee used:

The fee is used to cover HQ rental, salaries, administrative costs, mailings, communication costs, C/C’s and organisational support for the WPO. It also covers informational business webcasts, monthly newsletters, the Annual Conference, and website maintenance.


Top 10 Reasons to join WPO


Confidential forums moderated by professionals, trained by WPO, enhance membership leadership skills.


Global interface of 2000 successful, high-growth women business owners.


Wide spectrum of member businesses offer diverse and confidential input to address myriad business challenges.


Precious ability to tap into wisdom of peers in noncompetitive industries offers support, empowerment and inspiration.


Chapter member enterprises exceed $2 million in annual revenue, specialty tiers include Platinum - at least $10 million in annual revenue - and Zenith - at least $50 million in annual revenue.


Dynamic group of diverse industry experts whose contributions defer cost of membership.


Members generate $24 billion in total revenue worldwide and employ 153,000 people.


77% of WPO members do business with each other


Reach top 3% of all women business owners, 75% of whom pay themselves six-figures+ incomes.


Build awareness on local, national and international levels about powerful influence of women-owned/lead business.



Women Presidents’ Organization, Inc. (WPO) is a non-profit membership organization for women presidents of multimillion-dollar companies. The members of the WPO take part in professionally facilitated peer advisory groups in order to bring the “genius out of the group” and accelerate the growth of their business.

WPO's Mission

The organization was formed to improve business conditions for women entrepreneurs, and to promote the acceptance and advancement of women entrepreneurs in all industries.


The WPO is the premier membership organization for women presidents, CEO’s and managing directors of privately held multimillion dollar companies. Through global, confidential, and collaborative peer-learning groups, the WPO accelerates business growth, enhances competitiveness, and promotes economic security. It is the ultimate destination for successful women entrepreneurs.



Members regularly express and note the professional and personal growth they have experienced since joining the WPO. ‘Peer mentorship, challenging and supportive’ and the ‘WPO is my own private MBA’ is how current members describe their membership experience.

What is the value of WPO to you as a member?

Debbie Merdjan

CEO Camelot Group

Member of JHB I

Business education and self development.

Business networking.

Business support group.

Personal mentoring and business exposure to a variety of industries.

Challenging and rewarding.