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WPO Chapters in SA

Through confidential and collaborative peer advisory forums known as chapters, the WPO accelerates business growth, supports sustainability, enhances competitiveness and promotes economic security.

Membership options

2 monthly chapters in Cape Town who meet 12 times per year.

2 monthly chapters in Johannesburg who meet 12 times per year.

Platinum chapter which meet three times annually for a two day workshop.

Alumina membership for past members: two annual meetings, retreat,  conference and yearend workshop.


Accomplished women owned business who invest time and energy in themselves and their company, meet at WPO meetings where tried and tested methodology is used to stimulate, challenge and balance them. The WPO creates a platform of accountability which supports sustainability and growth in business. Members act as a peer to peer advisory committee to each other, offering strategic solutions to business problems gained through experience, making them powerful, personal and reassuring.

Meeting Recipe

The forum for monthly meetings is a comprehensive check in and branded roundtable methodology supported by JUST IN TIME business and industry information. Meetings are relevant, topical and diverse. The focus of meetings is support leading to overall growth both personally and professionally.


Consideration is given to the fact that women balance so much more than their professional lives and often find it challenging managing personal and family pressures. WPO adopts a holistic approach to the wellness of woman business leaders.


Confidentiality is a keystone of the WPO. At every session, all members are reminded that these meetings are confidential. All members must verbally commit to maintaining confidentiality about anything discussed by the group and sign a confidentiality agreement.


Violation of a member’s confidentiality obligations can lead to termination of membership. All chapter members and Chapter Chairs must sign a confidentiality agreement to become members and on the annual date of renewal.

karen morris_edited.jpg

My sounding board, accountability as a single entrepreneur.
My board of “directors”.


Membership Levels

There are a variety of membership levels, each customized to the unique needs of women entrepreneurs at different stages of their leadership journeys.


Members join a chapter in their geographic area (or a virtual chapter) with other business leaders in non-competitive industries.


For women who meet chapter membership criteria but live in a region where there is no active chapter or cannot attend monthly meetings


This level of membership is for those who have had chapter membership status for at least three consecutive years and have retired, sold their business, or received special authorization from the WPO. They receive all benefits of WPO, except chapter meetings, and are invited to special events.


This level of membership is for women who gross over $10 million annually. Groups meet three times per year in deluxe locations decided upon by the group.


This level of membership is available for women who gross over $50 million annually. Groups meet three times per year in deluxe locations decided upon by the group.


There are two positions available in each Chapter for professionals, namely an accountant and a lawyer. Each must qualify under the following guidelines: she must be a Partner in her practice and have senior management responsibility with a budget that meets WPO criteria.

Become a Member

The Women Presidents Organization (WPO) is the premier membership organization for women leaders of privately-held, multi-million dollar companies.

To qualify for membership, candidates must:

  • run their company’s day-to-day management as the CEO/President/Partner

  • have an ownership interest in the business at some level

and their company must:

  • be privately-held

  • reach $2 million (USD) in gross annual sales for a product-based business or $1 million for a service-based business

The Experience of Membership

Members join professionally-facilitated chapters carefully designed to bring leaders from diverse, non-competitive industries together to share business expertise and experience in a confidential setting. In this safe, energizing environment, members' perspectives can be understood, challenged, and refined. They can validate everything that’s gotten them this far and cultivate new strategies that will take them even farther.

The Chapter Chair Difference

Our proven roundtable facilitation process is designed to spark insights and drive solutions. Our skilled and professionally-trained Chapter Chairs guide meetings and deliver compelling programming. We foster trusting, confidential environments in which women can explore options, weigh alternatives, and gather perspectives. Peers learn from each other’s experiences and in turn, deepen their own capacity to lead.

- Rapid Allweiler Group  |  Alumna member

Membership Objectives

Members are diverse in industry and background and are women who through their membership, invest time and energy in themselves. Recognised within their business community as business owners who have grown their companies to multimillion ZAR/$ entities, they are not excluded from experiencing business challenges which manifest in various strategic and operational issues. They often feel isolated with no confidential place to share their problems due to the role and position they hold within their companies. They join WPO for the confidential platform which focuses on collaborative and creative problem solving. Some members are award winning industry leaders featured in Forbes, Business Day, The Economist and Entrepreneur magazines and others are simply ordinary women whom have accomplished extraordinary success in business.

The WPO strives to develop innovative solutions to business challenges through sharing experiences and expertise in a confidential environment. Provide continuing education in business and leadership through confidential forums where women presidents can connect and communicate. Advance the influence of women in the business community by increasing the visibility of women presidents on the local, national, and international levels. Celebrate the success of women presidents, accelerate their business growth, and enhance their competitiveness. Reenergize and revitalise women presidents, leading to a more productive balance in work and life.

debbie 2.jpeg

- Business education and self development.
- Business networking.
- Business support group.
- Personal mentoring and business exposure to a 
  variety of industries.
- Challenging and rewarding.


CEO and founder of the Camelot Group

Johannesburg I Chapter member

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