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Taking Proactive Measures

It has been shown that deforestation of indigenous trees has a significant impact on sustainable ecosystems, including water shortages. Trees and forests gift humans with selfless love by providing clean air, protection, food and support to the smallest and biggest of living plants, animals, insects and humans.

Walk through a forest, and feel the difference in your energy, mood and well-being. Let us reciprocate the goodwill gifted to us by trees and forests by supporting the SA Reforestation Trust in the endeavour to sell 10 000 trees.

The Mission

WPO Plant a Forest The mission is to plant a forest of 10 000 trees, one pledge at a time - in support of the South African Reforestation Trust.

Restoring Hope Thanks to a trusted, approved and prepared area of land, best suited for indigenous trees, the Cape Overberg ecology can be significantly restored with this effort.

Reaching Farther Together  The WPO vision of “Reaching Farther Together” brings all the resource of the WPO members in South Africa to champion a project will make a significant environmental contribution.

The site has been chosen due to the access to natural flowing water, cleared of alien species, big enough for a forest. The site has been dedicated to the Reforestation trust with the support of the land owners to look after the trees for their lifetime.

Become a Rain Maker and Embrace the Mission 

Drought has become part of the daily life of every Capetonian. With a daily maximum allowance of 50 litres of water per person, per day, showering in buckets and using that water to flush toilets and wash floors is the new normal. How did we get to the most severe drought recorded in 127 years without any prior warning? 

During a drought, the air dries out. Wind and dust storms become more prevalent. Water supplies dry up and plants and grasses die. Animals that normally eat these plants and grass have no choice but to feed on the remaining shrub and trees. There is nothing to anchor down the soil or to protect the ground from the hot sun without shrubs and trees so the remaining water in the table dries up. The wind blows away the dry dusty soil and the drought gets worse.

Be a rainmaker despite the odds

  • By going onto our FB page - post your pledge and challenge your community to do the same

  • Gift a Tree - there are hundreds of reasons to gift a living legacy

  • Spread the Word - implore your community to become a fellow RAINMAKER by tagging them on your FB post

BUY A TREE - R120 or $10 will buy a tree which will be planted and maintained by a WPO member. 

A certificate will be emailed to your chosen recipient.

Buy a tree online HERE.


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