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IWEC Foundation Proud to Announce the 2022 Awardee from The United States, Michelle Klassen Merrigan

Congratulations to WPO Platinum VII Chapter member, Michelle Klassen Merrigan, who is one of five 2022 IWEC Foundation Awardees from The United States. Michelle will all be attending the 2022 IWEC Foundation's 15th Annual Conference in Madrid Spain from 13-15 November 2022 to accept her award along with other successful women from around the globe.

“MK” began her career in humanitarian aid, working frequently in resource-restricted environments. Since 2010, MK has worked to facilitate and accelerate the adoption of strategic solutions for resource equity needs, while also educating policymakers to support smart, affordable technologies that enable creative financial models. MK created an innovative model that allows for emerging technologies to be fielded, and commercialized at scale, inside of the communities that need the solutions most. Knowledge transfer, female empowerment, economic development, and clean climate solutions are the very foundation of this vision. MK’s personal mission statement: “To alleviate suffering in every room I am in.”

Michelle has business incubations or partnerships in 22 Pacific Island Countries, 17 Sub-Saharan African Countries and in the US. She is most interested in working in developing economies where resource resilience (sustainable energy & water & enduring agriculture) is challenged.


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